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Diploma in Syncope and Related Disorders
Healthcare Professionals only

Developed by Prof Rose Anne Kenny and Dr Conal Cunningham together with an international guest faculty, this has been designed for healthcare professionals, from consultants and registrars to GPs and clinical nurse specialists with an interest in syncope. It will run in the academic year 2014-2015



20th Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress
XX World Congress of Echocardiography and Allied Techniques
6th Emirates Cardiac Society Congress

29th April - 2nd May 2015 - ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Scientific Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the scientific program. World-class faculty from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Middle East have been invited to facilitate scientific sessions at the congress, which feature the following:

  • General Cardiology Track
  • Electrophysiology & Imaging Track
  • Electrophysiology Track
  • Invasive & Structural Heart Diseases Track
  • Adult Cardiac Surgery Track
  • Paediatric Cardiology Track







Venice Arrhythmias

16th - 18th October 2015 - Venice, Italy

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Technology has been essential for the advancement in cardiology diagnostic and treatment since the first accurate recording of the electrocardiogram and its development as a clinical tool in 1895, also the year of the discovery of X-rays by W.K.Röntgen, followed by ultrasound application for medical diagnosis by Dussik in 1941, and many other technologies. In the XXI century significant advances continue to be witnessed even more frequently and it seems evident that there is a very high potential of improving healthcare quality by combining medical knowledge in the area of cardiology with engineering technologies, especially those derived from communications, electronics and informatics.